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Jorvik Game Server - available for free for everyone.

Thank you for your interest in joining our community!

Our goal is to provide a fun, engaging and fair environment for everyone who wants to join the thrill of traveling the Viking world on Jorvik - Viking Wars Server.

However, we had to establish a few rules to maintain a friendly, cultural atmosphere and a level playing field for each of our members.
We understand how much you want to start playing, but it's important to understand our rules before you put your first shovel into the ground.

Skill & Stat Development Multiplier: 10
Skill limit (craft / combat / additional skills): 1080/660/800
Production cycle (in seconds): 30
Animal husbandry/feeding cycle: 60
Terraforming speed: 2sec
Length of a day: 5
Number of wild animals: 100
Destruction of buildings outside the claim (DECAY): disabled, it will be enabled if there will be mess on the server.
"Return Home" Skill: disabled
Judgement Hour (JH): Sunday 06:00 PM UTC (For outpost attack only. Not for claim attack without reason. Read rules)
LiveMap: https://livemap.feudal.tools/index.php?livemap_id=6331 (visibility of claims is disabled)
Tradepost MOD: activated (information on buying and selling goods available only in the game). Installation manual: https://nyuton.net/tradeposts-mod-life-is-feudal-your-own/

Server IP:
Server name on the server list: JORVIK-Viking Wars RP/PvE/PVP JORVIK MOD INSTALLED!.

JorvikMod is loaded into the client using BasilMod, so you will need to download it to access the server. Below is an instruction:
1. Download basilmodloader.zip from the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/agmiss0v00efer5/basilmodloader.zip?dl=0
2. Put the downloaded file in the game directory
3. In main.cs add a line of code: exec("basilmodloader/loader.cs");

This is an RP/PVE server with PVP elements. Please follow these rules if you want to play on our server.

1. You can only have one character on the server
2. The name of the character should be medieval style
3. Prohibition of attacking without reason. Each attack should be preceded by an extensive RP action
4. It is forbidden to use fishing pole in combat
5. Prohibition of building your own outposts. It is also forbidden to move existing outposts to other places on the map.
6. All objects must keep elements of physics, they cannot levitate
7. It is forbidden to constantly get in and out of the water during the fight. Only during combat can you escape through the water
8. The island of NORWAY is an island of FULL PVP. An attack started on a PVP island cannot transfer to other islands. You should then stop fighting and extend the RP action.
9. It is forbidden to contact the outside world during the game. All events, plot, RP actions remain on the server and cannot penetrate the outside world.
10. Local chat is only for RP-style interpersonal communication
11. Prohibition of using global chat
12. Clan member restrictions on monuments:
T1 - 3 members
T2 - 5 members
T3 - 8 members
T4 - 12 members
13.There are 7 islands on the server, the so-called regions.
- ENGLAND, RP, English
- ROMANS, RP, German
- FRANKS, RP, French
- POLAND, RP, Polish
- RUS LAND, RP, Russian
- JORVIK, RP/PVE, international language
- NORWAY, PVP, international language
14. Only T1 monuments can be built in the Jorvik Region. Prohibition of attacking other players, even with extensive RP action.
15. Each region has its own capital (outpost). Only clans with a level 4 (T4) monuments can capture capitals. Conquering all capitals by one clan ends the game. WIPE follows and a new map is uploaded.
16. The clan that captures the capital of a region has full rights to its lands. All clans in this region are vassals of the capital owner
17. Soul points apply on the server. Losing all the points causes the character will be disabled on server. More information about soul points can be found on the #👥soul-points discord channel.
18. A character that has not been logged into the server for more than a month will be deleted.

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